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Rain Tutorial


In this tutorial we shal learn how to make digital rain.

1. open your image in photoshop

2. Layer >>New>>Layer to create a new layer
Edit >> Fill >> White
Filter>>Noise>>Add Nolise -- use these settings

3. image>>adjustments>>levels (or control and L) -- drag the top black slider until the first unput levels read around 70's then click ok

4. Filter>>Blur>>Guassian Blur 0.5

5. Filter>>Blur>>Motion Blur

6. Filter>>Blur>>Guissain Blur

7. set blending mode to hard light, opacity to 75%

8. finally you should have an image like this

If you wish to make the picture darker - first select the original layer and go to image>>Adjustments>>Levels and play with the sliders

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